Spinal WA is a new initiative bringing together agencies and stakeholders in Western Australia with an interest in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to work collaboratively and enhance communication between organisations and the spinal injured community. We aim to provide a central point through which information about SCI can be disseminated and to provide coordination of events and opportunities through regular agency meetings and communication. We do not seek to replicate services currently being provided by others, rather we wish to make the SCI community aware of the services that are available in WA.

Since formation, initial projects of the group have been the development of this website portal linking all agencies and information on SCI; and the successful running of a number of events, including coordinating a successful Spinal Injury Awareness Week campaign.

All members are volunteers and include representatives from State Rehabilitation Service – Fiona Stanley Hospital, Paraplegic Benefit Fund, Spinal Rehabilitation – Princess Margaret Hospital, the Spine & Limb Foundation, AbilityOne, Rebound WA (formerly known as Wheelchair Sports WA), the Neurotrauma Research Program, University of Western Australia, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA), Rocky Bay as well as individuals with SCI and family members of people with SCI.

Vision: For the Spinal Cord Injured Community of Western Australia to be better connected and informed, and thus empowered to achieve their full potential.

Mission: Spinal WA aims to be an umbrella body and information portal bringing together all agencies and stakeholders in spinal cord injury; to ensure we work collaboratively and to enhance communication between organisations and the spinal cord injured community.


1. To be an ‘information broker’ to the SCI community through:

  • Implementing and maintaining a website of information relevant to spinal cord injury in Western Australia
  • Providing a contact point for the SCI community to request information or direct enquires
  • Coordinating/directing events for SCI Awareness Week

2.  To hold regular Steering Committee Meetings to ensure coordination and communication between agencies and SCI community

3. To identify and address gaps in SCI services, resources and programs in Western Australia