Children with SCI

Spinal cord injuries in children are rare which means with the relatively small population in Western Australia there are not many other parents to turn to for advice or to discuss problems. Many of the problems experienced by children with SCI are similar to those for children with spina bifida and the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of WA ( hold information sessions and social events that may be of interest to parents and carers of children with SCI. Rebound WA (formerly known as Wheelchair Sports WA) runs the ‘Little Dribblers’ program on Saturday mornings for children aged 5-12. This is a program where children with physical disabilities get the chance to try out different sports in a fun and active environment. Friends and siblings are also encouraged to hop into a wheelchair for the hour, get active and experience the fun. To find out more, contact Rebound WA here.

Perth’s Children Hospital

The content for this section is currently under development, but information about the Spinal Rehabilitation Clinic is included in this brochure.

At Home Care

At Home Care provides a personalised and supportive care services in the event of acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury in children. For more information, please contact (08) 9381 3344 or  to discuss your child’s care options.


Department of Education

The Department of Education provides statewide support services available such as ongoing strategic development, management and coordination of policy, resourcing, services and support for students with disability. Follow the link to find out more here:

School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health

The School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health (SSEN:MMH) provides educational support for students whose medical or mental health prevents them from successfully participating in their enrolled school programs.

Support is available to both public and private school students. Referrals are received through the Department of Health with parent consent. Home and Hospital teaching referrals can be made by schools with parent consent and an appropriate medical certificate.

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