Travel Insurance

It is always important to consider travel insurance when planning for a trip, in particular overseas. Travel insurance can be used to cover situations such as loss or theft of belongings, cost of disruption to travel and the need to access medical services or unexpected medical costs. If you have a spinal cord injury, it is possible to get travel insurance. When applying for travel insurance, you must declare all your current medical conditions. If you need help with applying for travel insurance, you can contact SCIA and they will recommend a travel agent which specialises in accessible travel who will help you with the application process for travel insurance. It is also good idea to consider disability equipment that you may need to take with you when travelling  such as a wheelchair, commode, or hoist. You will need to check if you have these items covered under home insurance policy as portable items which covers them for damage or loss worldwide.

We recommend the following insurance companies you can contact for more information:


Insure and Go

Sure Save

Southern Cross 

When considering travel insurance, please also check that your chosen insurer covers your individual needs by speaking with them directly.