Metropolitan Perth

Perth Public Transport

Buses – The CAT buses in the Perth CBD and Fremantle are all wheelchair accessible.. The metropolitan bus fleet is mostly wheelchair accessible and is improving as all new buses supplied are now wheelchair accessible. However, not all buses are currently wheelchair accessible and you will need to call Transperth (tel 13 62 13) to check which buses on your route are wheelchair accessible, or look for the wheelchair symbol  on your bus timetable. The wheelchair symbol indicates a Transperth route that is serviced by fully accessible buses unless otherwise indicated on the timetable. Exceptions are noted on a number of trips where either an accessible bus is not available, or where a higher capacity bus dictates the need for a high floor articulated bus. Be aware that in the event of a bus service breakdown Transperth may be required to replace an accessible service with a non accessible service.

Trains – All trains are wheelchair accessible, but not all train stations are fully accessible and you may need to call ahead (Transperth tel 13 62 13) to arrange ramp access at some stations. For information on station accessibility go to

General facilities

  • Accessible toilets are available at all major bus and train stations, a toilet map is available at Transperth System Map with Toilet Facilities
  • Accessible telephones are available at most bus and train stations
  • Accessible drinking fountains are being introduced at most bus and train stations
  • 24 hour video monitoring of bus and train stations enables Transperth staff to provide you with assistance if you are in difficulty
  • Emergency 24 hour help telephones are provided in all Ticketing Information and Communication (TIC) boxes at all train stations.
  • For more information on Disability Assistance, go to
  • For more information on Transperth Buses and Trains go to   or call 13 62 13

Perth Taxis

Perth has a large fleet of taxis, including hoist fitted maxi taxis. Many of the maxi taxis have regular bookings and may be busy during peak demand periods such as before and after school hours. If you need a maxi taxi with hoist it is a good idea to book well in advance. Be aware that the taxi companies do not guarantee that your taxi will arrive at the time you have booked, if you have an important appointment to attend allow plenty of time in case the taxi does not turn up! Many SCI people find that it is more reliable to have the telephone number of a driver that they use regularly and book directly with the driver rather than go through the taxi company.For more information on wheelchair accessible taxis in Perth go to and click on “DisabilityService” and click on “Multi Purpose Vehicles”

Perth Bus Charter

Horizons West have a fleet of buses available for charter that are fitted with hydraulic lifts for easy wheelchair access for up to 5 wheelchairs at any one time, as well as additional passenger seating. For more information go to

Access in Perth

Perth CBD is generally very accessible as are most public buildings. For information on access in Perth, including parking, toilets, beaches and playgrounds go to

Regional WA

Buses and Trains

All regional buses and trains are wheelchair accessible. TransWA ask that you try to book a week ahead so that they can arrange for seats to be removed if you need to stay in your wheelchair when travelling. For this reason all bookings for wheelchair passengers must be made by telephone (tel 1 300 662 205). Some train stops are not suitable for easy wheelchair entry and exit, maps and information on accessibility at different stations are available online. For more information go to


Most regional shires will have information on accessibility on their websites. Information is also available at,

Going on a roadtrip? Plan your journey well with the National Public Toilet Map. The National Public Toilet Map shows all the toilets along the route nationally and let’s you know which ones have disabled access.

Accommodation (WA and Interstate)

There are many websites that provide information on wheelchair accessible accommodation in WA and around Australia. It is a good idea to talk to the accommodation provider directly before booking to ensure that accommodation details have not altered. – Information for people with a disability, carers and seniors to find accessible business and community facilities in Western Australia. Access information provided for people of all ages and abilities, including people who use a wheelchair, have difficulty walking or who are blind or deaf. Has access details and photos about more than 3,000 businesses and attractions in Western Australia such as accommodation and cafés including diagrams of toilets and bathrooms to choose what suits you best. Has advanced search facility to find accessible accommodation, toilets and parking to meet your particular needs. – Provides information on tourism, sports and the arts for people with disabilities. This is a national site with information on accessible venues etc. for all States and Territories. Also has information on community groups, equipment hire and transport services. This is an excellent site for people wishing to travel interstate. – RollAwayz opens in Google Earth to show the location of wheelchair accessible travel and tourism accommodation in hotels, resorts, motels, backpacker hostels and bed and breakfasts across Australia. – Written by a C5/6 quadriplegic and is currently being updated. Provides detailed information on accommodation in Sydney including photographs of rooms and bathrooms.

Air travel in Regional Western Australia

Qantas, Virgin and Airnorth have regular flights throughout regional Western Australia with facilities for wheelchair users at most regional destinations. As with all airlines they have policies regarding the safe handling of wheelchair users and we recommend that you visit their websites for more information (, The following resource by D.S.C. can be used as a guide to help people with disability travel by air. Planning travel and following the tips in this guide will help you know what to expect and make traveling by air more enjoyable – Prepare for take off.

Tips for Air Travel

Managing incontinence on a plane may pose a number of issues but incontinence should not stop you from travelling. Most airlines require that people who cannot care for themselves travel with a companion who can assist with personal care functions such as emptying legbags and urinals to assisting with transfers to/from the toilet.

Here are some quick tips for air travel taken from the SCIA website:

  • Although it is important to maintain adequate hydration, you might plan to reduce fluid consumption before boarding so that you need fewer bathroom visits or legbag emptying. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they are diuretics that can lead to dehydration.
  • Although you might not usually wear one, an indwelling catheter may be a more convenient option during the flight.
  • Take enough spare disposable drainage bags or receptacles. These might be specialist equipment or drink containers, zip-lock bags etc.
  • At check-in, ask whether an empty seat can be allocated next to you so that you will have as much privacy as possible when tending to personal care.

For more information on preparing for a flight, refer to the Managing Incontinence and Flying page on the SCIA website.

If you have any questions about how to deal with continence issues, you can contact the Spinal Outreach Service on 6152 1153 (Mon-Fri office hours). For more information click here.

Travel Insurance

Getting the right travel insurance is essential to meeting your specific needs. If you have a spinal cord injury, it is still possible to get travel insurance. When applying for travel insurance, you must declare all your current medical conditions. Click here for more information about travel insurance.

Travel Agents

Travability ( is a licenced Travel Agency registered in Victoria which specialises in inclusive tourism both in Australia and Internationally. They offer a full travel agency service from itinerary planning, flight and hotel bookings, attractions, hire cars or vans (with hand controls if required), cruising holidays, private yacht charters and fully escorted group tours. The website also has information and a blog covering travel in various countries.

Travel Inspiration and Tips

Need some travel inspiration? Check out Insurancewith’s most accomodating cities for disabled travelers from Amsterdam to Seattle! There are also some great tips on their website from planning and packing for your holiday to what to do in emergency situations. Click here to find out more.

Wheelchair Accessible Travel is an online community for accessible travel. You can find plenty of resources, reviews, guides and tips all about accessible travel in different countries.

Wheelie Good Cruises

Wheelie Good Cruises is here to help whether you’re a person with disability or a carer seeking support. Head over to Wheelie Good Cruises to find out more about cruising or book a cruise with a travel consultant today!